Berry 4 Lee Hill District County Supervisor

About Michael P. "Moses" Berry

Safety, security, property values, traffic flow and a quality education for your kids starts LOCAL. It is enhanced and protected by your representative on the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors.


I grew up and grew into service first as a son of a sailor then as a 20-year Career Marine:
Artillery – Forward Observer – Surveyor – Target Acquisition Officer - Retired as a Chief Warrant Officer

Honorable Order of Saint Barbara * Meritorious Service Medal * Marine Corp Commendation Medal

Stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA – Okinawa Japan - Camp Lejeune North Carolina - Paris Island South Carolina  - Quantico VA  -   Paris France


Moses is the ancient leader of the Isrealites, who lead his people from bondage in Egypt to God's Promised Land. The Ten Commandments were revealed to Moses, and are the basis for law and morality today. My nickname, "Moses," was permanently fixed during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. My Marines gave it to me during the war, and it it became my radio call sign and nom de guerre, ever since. It is a badge of honor, and my closest friends know me by this familiar name. My parents named me for Michael, the Archangel, who cast Satan to Hell, and Paul, the Christian Evangelist, who spread tthe Good News of Jesus Christ. I am a Christian, a leader, a man of integrity, who sets a good example for all. I am a man of action, not words, and it will be my honor to represent the Lee Hill District as Spotsylvania County Supervisor.


Eleven years ago I went back to school. It took me six years of working by day and studying by night and weekends to complete a BSBA in Project Management (Colorado Technical University) and a Masters in Business Administration (Texas A&M University-Commerce School of Business.) 

Side Gigs & Passions

Gourmet French Recipe Repertoire thanks to Chef Maurice during my Marine Security Guard Tour. (I used this skill to court and woo my wife, Viveca. Yes, the love of my life is part French and definitely loves to eat.)

Animal Rescue Advocate. I fully support my wife’s love of nurturing homeless dogs and cats. I’ve been a  “Foster” Dad, a transporter, a promoter, a ticket seller, feral cat colony feeder, etc. In theory (and practice) I’ll do anything to help except pick up or scoop poop. Just the way it is …

Rescue and Sanctuary Organizations we support and highly recommend include: Rikki’s Refuge, Bobbie’s Pitbull Rescue and Sanctuary, Community Cats, Meow Stories, Shadow Cat Advocates, Bully Paws and Rainbow Animal Rescue. You can learn more about how to help and how to get involved at

Psst. Please spay and neuter your companions. A pillor of our community for years is the Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic. Spay, neuter, vacinations, medications, tests and procedures - they provide it all at an affordable price. For a quote and to book an appointment for yourself, or to help a friend or neighbor, please go to:

Current Employment:

I work for a small defense contracting company as a Senior Acquisition Subject Matter Expert. This position required a strong background in Program Management, Contract Management, Systems Engineering, Technical Management, and Public Service Management.

In English this means I manage multimillion dollar government programs from cradle to grave ensuring quality, timeliness, and budget. Yes, I sit though tons of meetings and work with tons of different personalities to bring about – ensure … and still support the warfighter.

If I have the honor of being elected, I will put my experience, skills and love of service to work for you and our community on the Spotsylvania County Supervisor board.


Crossroads Baptist Church
Marine Corps League
Marine Corps Association
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Spotsylvania Conservative Women's Coalition
Fredericksburg Republican Party
Fredericksburg Virginia Patriots
Virginia Citizens Defense League




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