Berry 4 Lee Hill District County Supervisor

Campaign Issues

Hi, I’m Moses Berry, the Republican Candidate for Lee Hill Supervisor. It’s time for Lee Hill to have an advocate in local government. It is time to effectively manage our growth, fix our transportation issues, address the growing opioid epidemic, and ensure a quality education for your child. If elected to be your supervisor, I will fight to protect  your safety, security, and quality of life.


“I believe we should rethink growth in our region. We need a strategic plan that will promote businesses and preserve the Lee Hill community.”

I will work to ensure that Spotsylvania sets goals that will guide the development activity within the county. It is time to demand compliance with "The Comprehensive Plan" and establish manageable long-term financial forcasts.

Growth affects us all on a day-to-day basis. Our growing community has taken us from traffic flow to stop and go. Our community needs to come together to make sure we are investing in and allowing for opportunities that create value for Spotsylvania.

While I am pro-business, I am opposed to corporate welfare with taxpayer dollars. A taxpayer funded baseball stadium does not make sense for Spotsylvania.

We can do better to ensure that our zoning and growth policies protect the diverse professional community and easy access to transportation, hospitals, shopping centers, and everything else we enjoy in the region.


“Transportation is the single greatest challenge facing Spotsylvania residents. I will work to ensure that we have the infrastructure to improve our quality of life.”

I’m like you; I commute to work every day. I also like to be out and about on weekends. I know first-hand that traffic in the area is not only terrible, but it is one of the biggest problems we face. Traffic is a result of poor planning. We need to bring real change and modernize our infrastructure in Spotsylvania.

We must do better. We can build new infrastructure and improve the infrastructure already in place. Poorly managed growth in our area also is also part of the problem. No matter who or what is to blame, one thing is clear: we need to be liberated from “Spotsylvania Jail” (in other words, our traffic jams.)

Opioid epidemic:

“I will work to ensure that residents of Spotsylvania County facing addiction challenges receive the care they need and deserve.”

We must address all facets of the opioid addiction crisis. You may hear other politicians talk about this issue (as if it happens to someone else). It hits home for me. It destroyed my home. For many years, I watched a close family member battle alcohol and drug addiction. I understand the challenges of the substance abuser and of the loved ones trying to fix them and fix everything. We need a plan to reform our addiction recovery and care system.

Hundreds of Spotsylvanian families are facing these challenges. Many successful faith-based programs are already in place. Supporting these precious resources makes sense morally and financially.  Additionally, I will work with other local and state leaders on programs to prevent addiction and jumpstart resources for those seeking recovery.


“I am running to ensure a quality education for your kids; we need to make changes in our funding.”

We aren’t paying our teachers enough, and our money is not getting to the classroom.

I love the teachers in Spotsylvania county ...  A two percent raise for our teachers is not enough. Maintaining the best educators will take more than that. This is why I am calling for a separate line-item in the budget, exclusively for our educators. As it is now they only get a raise if every school employee, whether they teach in a classroom or not, gets a raise. This is not fair.

Sadly, we see our children do not have access to the resources they need inside of the classroom and the cost of everyday supplies is falling on our teachers. Their issues are why I will support a measure to ensure our tax dollars make it to the classroom. Reform is needed. Our school board should not make bureaucratic, administrative spending the priority. Rather, we should prioritize the money where it is needed most, in our classrooms.

Our school board and elected officials need to make drastic changes regarding our budget priorities. I will ensure that our school board puts our students first. The submission of a "take it or leave it" school budget is not putting the children first. Residents of Spotsylvania value a quality education and so do I. By refocusing our budget priorities, we will maximize the investment taxpayers make in Spotsylvania County schools.


What does a “Supervisor” do?

Supervisors make decisions that directly affect your home investment and quality of life. Setting tax rates (higher/lower), approving or denying land rezoning, and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance (Housing Development/Business Development/Traffic Flow), approving the county budget (including the Spotsylvania County School Board Budget), and establishing and managing Spotsylvania County public policy.

Supervisors analyze opportunities and risks, negotiate deals, and appoint watchdogs to many vital committees including, but not limited to: The Spotsylvania County Planning Committee, The Board of Equalization, Capital Construction Committee, Transportation Committee and the Citizens Budget Review Board.

Supervisors must have excellent management skills and be able to work with a wide variety of talents and personalities.  Importantly a Supervisor must communicate with the constituents they serve ... thoughout their term, not just at election season ...


Why me?

In 2002 I retired from 20-years in the Marine Corps.  Military service consists of moving from one job, one team to the next. I was trained by the best to lead, to get the job done and keep people alive.
More info available at:

Eleven years ago I went back to school to complete a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Project Management and a Master of Business Administration. 

For the past fifteen years I’ve managed multimillion dollar government programs from cradle to grave ensuring quality, timeliness, and budget. I’ve worked for startups and established entities on programs including but not limited to: running a business as a chief operating officer, program manager, and technical subject matter expert; management of numerous high-tech weapons programs; management of information technology systems such as network design, communications technologies, command control computers and intelligence systems; optical, thermal, and laser systems; laboratory facility engineering, equipment, and training to support threat reduction programs. 

Success in my work requires the ability to manage teams of stakeholders including leaders, project managers, scientists, logisticians, financial analysts, software and hardware engineers, contracting experts, contractors, manufacturers, trainers, test technicians and engineers, teachers, union and non-union professionals; all from diverse backgrounds who are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

I’m often not the smartest person in the room and that’s O.K. In my current position, I work with amazing, genius level, multi-degreed millennials. I’m not there to compete. My job is to analyze opportunities & threats, to manage and make sure the job gets done on time and on budget because lives depend on it.

I have never run for office but my skill set is tailor made for this position. I have no desire to make a political career. I have no family members that need to be employed. I despise cronyism. You can count on me to come in, get the job done and leave you in peace.

What I offer in the private sector is exactly what I would offer to you as your Supervisor – a mature, seasoned professional with the skill sets needed to get the job done.  - Moses

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